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Regarding exchange to Stony Brook U. - stony_brook
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Subject:Regarding exchange to Stony Brook U.
Time:12:00 am
Hi everyone,

I'm looking for a bit of advice at the moment and hoping one (or several) of you can help me out. I'm currently a student at Florida International University in Miami, Fl. I'm getting ready to apply for the National Student Exchange program for the Fall 06 / Spring 07 school year. I'm (at least very heavily considering being) a Journalism/Art (or Art History) double major with a minor in Sociology/Anthropology (they both count as 1 combined minor at my university). I've got the list down to a couple of schools, but still don't have my heart set on one specific college. This is where you come in.

I'm trying to decide between schools on a number of factors.

1) What is the Journalism program like? The Art/Art History program? Or does your school not offer these programs (so far from what i've seen I think all the school's i'm considering do).

2) What has been your general experience within your school when it comes to the quality of the education, the professors (their willingness to work with you, their experience, etc), the campus environment, etc?

3) I don't drive at the moment and will most likely not have a car wherever I transfer to. How is the public transportation situation in your area?

4) Dorms. I'd probably have to stay in them (at least the first semester). Any info? Are there single rooms available or are room mates required? Solo showers or shared? Any weird restrictions (curfews or problems with guests, etc)? How's the off campus living situation? Rent ranges and such?

5) Jobs. Hard to get in the area? Same as most places? Easy to get on campus work?

6) Meal plans on campus? Necssary? Worthwhile? Wide variety of food or not really? I'm a vegetarian, somewhat inclined to veganism if that helps your answers out.

7) Anyone reading this currently on the exchange program, going to be part of it, or been in the past? Any advice/information you could share with me?

8) Last but not least: Anything else I should know?

Sorry for such a lengthy post. Thanks soooo much to anyone who takes the time to read (and respond) to this. And any ALL comments are much appreciated! And i'll let you know if I end up deciding on your school for the Fall. :)

PS. Any pictures of the area, campus, dorms, etc would be MUCH appreciated as well.

x-posted in several communities, sorry.
(and if this post is inappropriate to the community, please let me know and i'll take it down asap)
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Time:2006-02-08 12:40 am (UTC)
This is all coming from a commuter so it might be slightly different than a dorming student but I will try my hardest.

1) We don't have a journalism major. Art History is a nice department I know one professor in there and I REALLY loved his class.I wish I had more time to take Art History classes.

2) WE ARE A LARGE CAMPUS. Most professors are willing to work with you but you have to be the one to go and take that first step. MOST professors will be the most easy to acess with email but they can set up a time to meet. IF YOU ARE LUCKY to have a professor teaching your class that is. In all my POLI SCI classes I've had (7) 5 have been grad students not professors. It's hard to get a hold of grad students face to face sometimes. BUT professors are a HECK of a lot better than the Administration NOW they are A WHOLE different story.

3) If you live on long Island you pretty much need a car. BUT... If you want to go to NYC we are located right next to a train station little over an hour you will be there. If you need to get stuff around campus, we have buses but from what i hear they are a pain to work. They stop at a certian hour or something... not too sure of that.

4)ok dorms what I know is... it's hard to find singles. Each Quad is different. There are some shared hall showers and some have showers in the suite (average suite is around 6 people in a suite). It all depends on where you are housed there are differences to all of them. Rates outside the campus are HIGH. 800 for a studio is common if not low (where I am from I am an hour away from the school).

5. We have a mall not to far from campus but need a car to get there most likely but again not a question to fit me.

6. If not housed in west apartments (for special jr and sr that fit requirments) you need a meal plan. We have a lot of selection. ( speak from experience from this campus and 3 other campuses) It's expensive food but it is a good variety.

&. N/A

8. over half the campus is commuter students so a lot of people are on campus during the day but nights is not as much (but still a lot). Many people go home for the weekend but if you are a social person you will find friends to hang out with go to parties to etc. YOu will be living close to the best city in the world You can find ANYTHING in NEW YORK CITY. It is an amazing benifit. It's not hard to find your way once you get used to that city.

that's about it I guess?
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Regarding exchange to Stony Brook U. - stony_brook
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